Silencing The Squeaks In Style

Home is the place where you should be having the fullest freedom in this whole universe, and if you at least can’t walk in your own home freely, and with that feeling you are disturbing others at home, how would that feel? Yeah, that is the feeling you get when you have got a squeaking floor! You can’t walk properly because if you do, that make an annoying sound, that sometimes even the ones who were asleep wakes up because the sound is that irritating. A creaky wooden floor is no joke! Suppose you do have a wooden floor, and guess what it has more than 50 wood joints in it. We all know wood expands when it is hot and shrinks when it is cold, and this makes the wooden slats to move throughout the days. Here, what makes the noise is that, when a person walks on it, the wood and the underlying sub floor are not directly 100% in touch and this releases rubbing effect against each other multiple times a day. This is something natural, and of course yes, you have remedies.

Having wooden wedges could help

This is also known as inserting shims. All you got to do is get someone to walk on the floor and identify where the creaking sound comes from. Then, get the shim inserted in between the floor and the sub floor.

Better using construction adhesive for long gaps

Wooden wedges or shims are fine with the small gaps, but for long gaps, we will need another option. The construction adhesives should be pushed tightly for the gaps for this treatment to be effective.

Drilling from underneath could also help

Yes, this means damaging your wooden floor, but who cares about a small unseen damage done to it, if that prevents this annoying squeaking from coming out? When you feel like you need a timber floorboard repair, you may also, just once, try this drilling method, but just if you feel comfortable with it. What happens here is, you drive a short screw in to the plywood. Mind it; the screws have to be short that they don’t dig a hole in the hardwood above. This thus prevents the two surfaces from rubbing each other, and then making the noise. To be noted, all the above mentioned remedies are quick fixes for your floor noising problems. There could be instances where these fixes will really not fix your exact problem, and end up with you suffering from the squeaking noise again. Then, go for professional assistance, and get the issue resolved permanently.